Current Participates (and growing):

Christopher Bono  Ghost Against Ghost)- Multi-Instrumentalist
Anthony Molina (Mercury Rev)- Multi-Instrumentalist
Hariprakaash- Gong
Caleb Spaulding- Percussion
Jeremy Kinney- Ambient Guitar
Vasko Dukovski- Clarinet
Michael Lytle- Bass Clarinet
Whitney Lagrange- Violin
Arthur Cook- Cello
Hiroko Taguchi- Violin
Entela Barci- Violin

And You, the Audience! (Interactive instruments and singing mics will be available to the audience)


Composer Christopher Bono (Ghost Against Ghost, BARDO, NOUS ) and Our Silent Canvas are presenting a four hour drone meditation in New York City at:

Jivamukti Yoga NYC, 841 Broadway, 2nd Floor on June 17, between 5-9pm. 

This performance is an immersive and interactive sound bath, grounded by a contemplative focus on 4 shifting drones, moving every hour. 

This performance is by donation only, we are raising money for our animal friends through the Animal Welfare Institute. Feel free to come and go at any time over the course of the event. Doors are open to the public over the course of the four hours.

The presentation will feature Bono along with a series of guest artists who will flow in and out of the experience every 30-45 minutes. Some of the instruments that will be featured are analog synthesizers, gongs, chanting, flutes, kalimba, ambient guitar, live string players, Contrabass Clarinet, and other special guests. 

Audience members will have an opportunity to listen quietly in a comfortable position or to participate through chanting simple vowels or improvisations through scattered microphones, and/or engage with surrounding instruments provided by Bono and Our Silent Canvas. This is a wonderful opportunity for non-musicians to experiment with their own musical expression in a safe space without fear of judgement.

The long and static nature of the drone has been used in ancient forms of music for millennia, and it is very conducive to guiding/assisting the listener into a meditative space by encouraging a hyper awareness of their sense consciousness. Listeners are encouraged to use the breath to concentrate their mind and to hear and focus on the impermanent nature of the sound as it moves around and within them in a swirling manner.

Audience members are invited to become as comfortable as possible: to sit upright in meditation or to lay down with props and blankets in a relaxed position. Please bring comfortable clothing and meditation cushions for sitting, and if you would like to lay down, we encourage you to bring 2-3 blankets in order to have head support as well as back support.

**This performance is part of a new series of “Works in Progress” workshops presented by Our Silent Canvas in an effort to make the process of artistic development and exploration accessible and transparent to the public. We are excited to begin a new ambient and sound healing series where ambient artists explore and share in small, intimate listening spaces. 

We're still looking for the space, but we should know soon! Will be either Manhattan or Brooklyn.

This performance is by Donation Only!
All net proceeds will go to the Animal Welfare Institute, dedicated to alleviating suffering inflicted on animals by humans.